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Are you looking for High Quality Aerospace 3D Measurements?

Accuracy is critical in almost every aspect of aerospace manufacturing and aircraft assembly and non contact 3D measurement technology is critical to delivering it.  Here at T3DMC we have extensive experience implementing non contact 3D scanning for the dimensional quality control of large and small aircraft parts.

Whether your task is tooling, jig or fixture alignment, part inspection, surface analysis, 3D modelling or as-built documentation for plant layout, T3DMC’s team of engineers can call on over 15 years experience in a combination of 3D scanning and CAD modelling to provide you with the solution you need.

Spend some time to talk to our engineers so that we can learn what your true needs are and apply the correct measurement or design solution to match.  If you wish to talk to one of our engineers directly about your project, please either fill out the form below or call us on our mainline number 0845 063 3423. 




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