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3D Motion Analysis

Dynamic 3D Motion Analysis

DO sensor wires get in the way of your dynamic tests?
DO you wish you could have more 3D data points per test?
IS test set up eating up too much of your time?
Here at t3Dmc, we are able to offer a state of the art non-contact measurement solution to define motion, vibrations and deformations in either high rate or long-term applications, for an unlimited amount of 3D points. Whether tracking the mechanics of a bonnet deploying, a wing bending, or an engine vibrating, we are able to provide you with powerful yet easy to understand results.
In contrast to conventional displacement measuring systems which use wired analogue sensors, as with all of our systems we use cameras to capture images of ultra-lightweight reference markers; results are visually provided by an animated vector based representation. The motion tracking capabilities are boosted by the ability to set multiple references, relative motion, roll, pitch, and yaw, as well as 6 Degree of Freedom analysis.


Features and Benefits

3D Coordinates, 3D Displacement measurement, Deformation, Rigid body motion correction, Speed, Acceleration
Relative Motion, 6DOF
Unlimited Points for Tracking
Insensitivity to ambient conditions, such as vibrations and light changes
Easy adjustment to different measuring areas and tasks

We are able to replace conventional displacement measuring systems and accelerometers. Independent of the structures to be measured, displacements and deformations are captured rapidly in a non-contact manner for:

Door slam tests
Bonnet deployment tests
Biomechanical testing
Component in Wind Tunnel
Drop Tower Testing


High Resolution Systems
Up to 1Mhz Sampling rate
Unlimited 3D Measurement points
Fields of View from mm’s up to m’s
Accuracies up to 25 microns per m
Variable Specimen Temperature from -50oC up to +1500oC
Exportable STL file format for shape capture and analysis.

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