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Channel 4 introduce Team UnLimbited, changing lives from their garden shed with 3D printing.

Channel 4 recently aired the 2017 installment of their ‘Shed of the Year’ series. Applicants included those who had built ...
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A 2,000 year old Sicilian villa is revealed by 3D Scanning

Over a century ago, an extraordinary, 2,000 year old villa was discovered in Sicily by archaeologists. Over one hundred years ...
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3D Scanning might make an unexpected appearance on your festival line-up

Forbes recently published an article on “Using 3D Scanning and Augmentation To Connect, Create and Preserve” which discussed how “new ...
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Artist uses 3D printing to create a plastic motorbike replica

Jonathan Brand is a Canadian sculptor and artist living in New York, who has over the past few years started ...
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3D printing fires a rocket into space

Last month, Rocket Lab successfully sent a rocket into space using a fully 3D printed engine - the first of ...
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facial 3D scanning

6,000 volunteer for 3D scanning project following success of “mobile app” face implant

One of the largest facial 3D scanning projects has begun thanks to researchers from Imperial College London and London’s Royal ...
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A Closer Look at Lord Nelson, thanks to 3D Scanning

Lord Nelson has become no stranger to 3D scanning over recent years. That is to say, his trafalgar jacket has ...
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3d scanning lemurs

Researchers create a virtual museum of lemurs using 3D scanning

A while back, we wrote about an inspiring project called Digital Life, which aims to preserve the heritage of life ...
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CAD model

How 3D scanning is digitising the D’Arcy Thompson museum

A while ago, we wrote about an incredible initiative called Digital Life, which aims to preserve the heritage of life ...
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Goodyear Eagle 360

Reinventing The Wheel with 3D Printing

With this year’s International Motor Show 2017 in Geneva, came the unveiling of Goodyear’s literal reinvention of the wheel - ...
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3d printed oscars

How 3D printing played its part in The Oscars 2017

This year marked the 89th Academy Awards ceremony, honouring the very best of film in 2016 - a celebration of ...
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Natural History

Is 3D scanning the future of palaeontology?

Recently, Popular Mechanics magazine introduced the public to Nick Pyenson, a palaeontologist using 3D scanning to “revolution(ize) the natural sciences ...
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hand copy

This artist has used 3D Printing to grow a human hand

Artist, Amy Karle, has created her latest piece of artwork using “the building blocks of life: live cells”, and 3D ...
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forth bridge 3d scan

New Gaming Apps are using 3D scanning to replicate the Forth Bridges

The 3D scanning of Scotland’s three famous Forth Bridges first announced in 2014 is now complete, and the data is ...
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3d printed mask

These 3D printed death masks are now on display at the London Design Museum

‘Vespers’ is a collection of death masks which fuse art with 3D modelling technology to create mesmerizing and rather haunting ...
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How 3D scanning will preserve the heritage of life on Earth

An initiative called Digital Life, as part of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, are aiming “to preserve the heritage ...
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A dancer’s movement captured by 3D scanning

A rather unsettling but equally incredible piece of artwork, called ‘Collapse - An Exhibition of Remains’, has just been exhibited ...
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3D CAD models help researchers reimagine ancient Pompeii

Researchers have enlisted the help of specialist digital archeologists to recover and reimagine ancient Pompeii before the eruption of Mount ...
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BMW wheelchair

How 3D scanning played a part in a paralympic gold

This year’s Rio Paralympics spanned 7-18th September, and on the 15th, Tatyana McFadden became responsible for bringing home another gold ...
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3D Scans of Lucy fossil

3D Scan of a 3-million-year-old skeleton is now downloadable

Researchers are encouraged to use the 3D scans of Lucy, “the world’s most famous fossil”, to print 3D models and ...
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3d printed food

Pushing the boundaries of cuisine using 3D printing

If the ever-increasing breakthroughs 3D technology provides have piqued your interest, Food Ink have created a space for you to ...
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New Zealand Defence Force use 3D Scanners to conduct Anthropometric Study

In 1965, The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) carried out an extensive and time consuming study into the body size ...
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The rise of the 3D Scanning industry

Not considered a new technology by any stretch of the imagination, 3D scanning technology is still in it's infancy compared ...
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Shropshire Business Technology and Innovation Award nomination

The 3D Measurement Company have been shortlisted for the Technology and Innovation Award for the Shropshire Business of the year ...
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Is it possible to copyright 3D scans?

As part of a recent 'white-paper', IP (intellectual property) guru Dr Michael Weinberg starts a fascinating discussion about the question of 3D scanning and 3D ...
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3D Measured and 3D Scanning of Museum Artefacts

In recent years a radical shift in the use of 3D measurement and 3D printing tech. Using advanced 3D measurement ...
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3D measured and 3D scanned prosthetic limbs

It is vital for prosthetic limb wearers that the residual limb has a comfortable well-fitting socket. This maximises the comfort ...
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3D scanning avatar for fashion, fitness and gaming

On Monday 14th March at the 'CeBIT Digital Business conference', HP Enterprise revealed a 'full-body 3D scanning booth' that is able ...
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World’s oldest known chameleon discovered trapped in amber, 3D scanning reveal evolution of lizards

Like the beginning of a Jurassic Park movie, providing scientists with dino DNA used to clone them (although we are still far from creating a ...
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3D Scanned & Printed Human Tissues

There has been a tremendous breakthrough in the field of regenerative medicine, say scientific researchers in America who have managed ...
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3D Scanning for the Perfect Fit

“Half of women regularly buy shoes that don’t fit,” says 25 year old Caroline Walerud, a member of the 1st ...
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Hong Kong tailor invests $100K in 3D scanning system

Several months back now, The 3D Measurement Company brought you the story of a Hong Kong lingerie store that offered ...
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Reliably detecting irregularities in aircraft turbines

The slightest fault in any aircraft engines will cause a safety risk. Until recently, inspectors have relied on their eye ...
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Bringing 3D body scanning to the masses

Used in healthcare, the entertainment industry and most probably your local supermarket, body scanning has quickly become one of the ...
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Worlds first green-laser 3D scanner

The world's first green laser 3D scanner has been launched by a metrology solutions provider to be used with portable ...
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3D scanning used to preserve artefacts at Historical Museum of Stara Zagora

Industry leading manufacturers of professional-grade scanners and the 3D printing market place have once again joined forces to preserve artefacts ...
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3D scanning & 3D printing of the Britannia-upon-Globe mascot

A Rolls Royce RF 14 has featured a 3D printed reproduction of the Britannia-upon-Globe mascot. The 3D printed mascot will ...
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3D scanning & 3D measurement the achilles heel of IP protection

Photographer Jerry Fisher found himself in a legal dispute after sharing 3D CAD Scans of the famous Michelangelo statue at ...
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3D Scanning to Unlock New Chambers in Great Pyramid of Egypt

News that four Egyptian pyramids will be explored using '3D cosmic particle scans' has been released this month. Researchers from the ...
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3D Scanning that helps choosing lingerie

A high-end Hong Kong underwear shop promises clients a brand new shopping experience using its '3D assisted made to measure' ...
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3D Scanning Robot Arm

$3000 six axis robots

Suryansh Chandra has claimed the cost effective robotic that arm his company 'Automata' is building, will lead to robots being ...
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T3DMC Automated Measurement System as shown on BBC2’s “Building Cars Live”

This week on BBC2, a new series called 'Building Cars Live' began live from the MINI Plant in Oxford, to experience real-time ...
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3d Scanning Music Video

Kévin Bray 3D Scanning to emulate ‘Gwilym Gold’ for his ‘Greener World’ video

Video director Kévin Bray used face-tracking and 3D-scanning software to create his own digital recreation of singer 'Gwilym Gold' for ...
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3D Scanning and 3D Printing Rugby World Cup

So it's fair to say that it's been a rather disappointing Rugby World Cup for the home nations and northern ...
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3D Scanning at FABTECH 2015.

FABTECH describe themselves as “North America’s Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding and Finishing Event - a convenient venue where you ...
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Luke Dennison's 3D printed hand

3D technology allows parents to create their child’s prosthetic hand at home.

Not long ago, we posted the extraordinary story of Tessa Evans, that demonstrated how 3D technology can be used in ...
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Have 3d Scans uncovered Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti’s burial place?

,Way back in 1922, the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb captured the imagination of people worldwide, and sparked before unseen ...
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3d sculpture by John Edmark

3D printed sculptures appear to ‘come alive’

3D technologies are increasingly proving their worth in scientific research as well as aiding technological progression across a vast breadth ...
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3D Scanning and Printing helping put Age-Old Art Mystery to Rest

Pictured below are two bronze statues that have caused a stir in the art world over the last 6 months, ...
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3d scanning a rare basking shark

3D Scanning Preserves Rare Basking Shark in Australia

Last month the first basking shark caught in Victoria, Australia since the 1930s was transported to Melbourne to be accurately ...
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