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Robot controlled automated measurements:


The Why:

As the UK’s first and only open-source service company for the field of automated measurement services, we are proud to be able to offer a fully automated measuring solution for batch measurements. With this setup we have developed a customized solution where we are able to digitise a variety of components within a very short window of time. If you have a batch of parts that need inspecting, it is important to know that you are interpreting results that have been obtained in a controlled manner from a repeated measurement process. We are able to cut out the variables introduced through the manual scanning and create measurement protocols bespoke to your components, which will control the measurement for us, so that the exact same measurement process is used for each of your parts. We will then deliver you a set of results that you can have confidence in.

The How:

The ATOS ScanBox: an optical 3D measuring machine with a comparable investment volume to traditional CMMs. However, we are able to deliver full-field surface measurement of small to large parts and from that, you get easy to understand result visualizations. The built-in ATOS optical 3D scanner with integrated photogrammetry includes GOM’s proven Triple Scan and Blue Light Technology. This new technology enables even higher detailed feature capture with faster measurement times for various part sizes, surfaces, finishes, and geometries, regardless of environmental lighting conditions. This all means that we are using the industry leading equipment and processes in order to offer you the highest quality and repeatable results possible that you can have confidence in.

For more information on our automated measurement approach, or to understand more fully if this is the solution for you, please contact us.

Removing manual steps from the measurement process and being able to measure parts repeatably and quickly is a vital step in the pursuit of ever increasing accuracy and efficiency. Through knowledge, understanding and experience, we here at t3Dmc are able to help you achieve your measurement and inspection goals.

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