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Reliably detecting irregularities in aircraft turbines

The slightest fault in any aircraft engines will cause a safety risk. Until recently, inspectors have relied on their eye to detect defects on 'blade-integrated disks', otherwise known as 'blisks'. In the near, engineers will be supported by a automated control systems that's the very 1st to bring together surface inspection and geometric measurement. Daily, aircrafts...
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$3000 six axis robots

Suryansh Chandra has claimed the cost effective robotic that arm his company ‘Automata’ is building, will lead to robots being as mainstream as desktop 3D printers.

“Today, every design studio has a 3D printer,” Chandra says. “Soon, we hope to get to the point where every design studio has a robotic arm.”

Suryansh started ‘Automata’ with Mostafa Elsayed a mere 5 months ago, after becoming frustrated by the cost and complexity of standard industrial robots whilst working at their previous research division at ‘Zaha Hadid’ Architects.

3D Scanning Robot Arm

“If you’re out to get a robot today, you’d have to spend 50 or 60 thousand dollars,” Chandra explains. “Our goal is to democratise robotics through a low cost hardware platform and easy to use software.”

Their companies 1st product is a plastic-based 6 axis robotic arm named ‘Eva’, weighing under 2.5 kilos and costing $3,000.

It is designed to be easy to operate, with users able to move the arm into positions by hand, and the robot will repeat the movement.

“We’ve made the software so simple that you can practically do it without any programming,” Chandra says. “You can physically move the robot from one point to another and it records the motion and plays it back flawlessly.”

T3DMC are currently installing a new automated 3D scanning system into their workshop, as featured in the recent ‘Cars Live’ show on BBC2.

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