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Our Facility

The 3D Measurement Company Facility

The 3D Measurement Company was born out of a simple idea of wanting to offer professional measurement services to the world, we have lived and breathed non-contact optical measurements for the last decade and we have identified that there are three key factors to being able to offer a superior service; firstly and foremost is experience, second is the right equipment and thirdly is a suitable measurement facility.

We spent the best part of 12 months searching for what we considered to be the perfect fit for our specific requirements and here it is, our 2000 sq ft of space:


  • We have three GOM measurement systems for the flexibility needed to offer services for aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer goods and more.
  • We have a dedicated solid concrete measurement floor for a stable measurement environment.
  • We have space capable of housing full size transit van,
  • We have a 2 x 1 metre granite grade A surface cmm bed for making sure fixtures are perfectly flat before we measure and inspect the parts the fixtures are holding.
  • We need to take care of our customers parts and preparation is everything; we need to make sure that parts are prepared in the correct way. Dedicated airbrush systems are used to prepare high details parts, ready to be taken out to the measurement floor.
  • We have a dedicated meeting room which allows us to house project discussions which is all important in making sure that our customers and our engineers are on the same page when completing a project.
  • We have full office space so that we stay organised to keep up with our ISO standards
  • And of course the all-important coffee machine.

A significant investment has been made refurbishing our facility so that it offers the correct environment for measurement. The reason why we have gone to such lengths to make the t3Dmc offices what they are today is because it is the right way to practice optical measurements; it’s what we have always known and these high standards set a precedent for the way we go about our business.

We have done all this, so that you the customer can have confidence that when you use our services, be that 3D measurement, inspection or reverse engineering, you will be receiving a service of the highest quality.

For more information about how we can help you with your current or future projects, please give us a call.