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Strain Anlaysis

Dynamic 3D measurements & Strain Analysis

ARE you interested in measuring Strain?
MAYBE you are interested in measuring deflection of a component?
MAYBEyou are interested in both?

Whatever your answer is to those 3 questions, we can help. We use the latest world leading technology to provide a non-contact and material independent measurement solution which offers highly accurate local and global results for dynamic or statically loaded tests.

Do you want to compare with FE data? No problem, we have the tools and the knowledge to directly verify your simulated models with measurement data and in a fraction of the time conventional methods take.

Features and Benefits

Because we use a non-contact method of measurement, strain can be measured for materials in circumstances where extensometers may slip on the specimen during testing, may be cumbersome to use, strain gauges may get damaged, or in cases where strain gages cannot be applied e.g. high speed applications we can still gather results.
Measures the complex 3D shape and shape change over time.
Rather than the single point output of a strain gauge the ARAMIS system provides a 3D strain distribution of the whole region of interest.
A unique understanding of strain changes across the field of view as load (or temperature, etc.) is applied. As a result, strain and displacement in the x, y, and z direction can be obtained at any point on the surface at any time during the test.

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